Stallions we like

Below are a list of Stallions that either feature prominently in our mares pedigrees or that we plan to use over our mares:

Choosing a Stallion

Before breeding to a stallion, it is important to evaluate the foals he has already produced, particularly from similar mares.

The color of a horse is one of the least important considerations. Sure, a stud can throw color to his get (offspring), but this factor falls way behind skeletal and muscular structure in priority.

Airbrushed professional stud portraits are pretty but just that .........pretty. Seeing a sire firsthand is essential.

We select a Stallion that carries complementary conformational assets to each selected mare plus has a gentle, willing personality and attitude!

Our Mares

Shez Classically Cool

Sadly we lost Sugar due to a tragic paddock accident in Nov 2016. Greatly missed.

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Centennials Aleshanee

Bay Blanket filly, Nee Nee is from gorgeous Appaloosa halter & performance bloodlines. .

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